Pre-Kindergarten Program

The PreK Program at Morgan County Charter School System is a fully-funded program by Bright From the Start (State) and YMCA Head Start (Federal) agencies. Housed at Morgan County Primary School, the school system has four Pre-K classes taught by certified teachers. Twenty students are allotted to each class.

Registration for the 2019/20 Pre K information will be posted soon.

Because more than the allotted 80 students usually register for the PreK program operated through the Morgan County Schools, a completely transparent public “lottery” style drawing is held each year after the registration window has been closed in order to determine the students who will be enrolled and served in the public school program.

Following the drawing, all parents will be notified by mail to the mailing address they provided to let them know if their child was selected to attend our program.

Children who are not selected by the drawing to attend the Morgan County Schools’ program will then have the opportunity to attend the certified Bright from the Start program at Kiddy Land Early Learning Center, other private PreK programs, Headstart, or be placed on the waiting list for the Morgan County School System program, should a vacancy occur.

NOTE: Along with the Georgia Bright From the Start Lottery Program, the Morgan County Charter School System’s Pre-K Program is fortunate to be in a partnership with The Head Start Agency. In order to receive federal funding needed for a free Pre-K program, parents will be required to provide proof of income, along with other information/documentation once the child is selected.

To be eligible for the drawing, the child must be 4 years of age by September 1, 2019 and the parent/guardian and child must be residents of Morgan County.