IC Teacher Portal Access

Step 1 GradeCalc Options:

Calculation Type must be set to "In Progress", "Numeric", and applied to the 9 weeks grading period.

Grade Calc Options

Step 2 Creating Categories:

All categories must total 100%. The categories for MCMS will be set as:

Unit Tests & Projects (60%)
Classwork (40%)

Creating Weighted Categories

Step 3 Creating Multiple Section Display (Optional):

The Section Groups tool allows teachers to group sections together to view them simultaneously in the Gradebook. An example of this would be the ability to see and edit grades for both gifted and general education students in the same Gradebook window.

Multiple Section Display

Step 4: Assignments

*always choose the nine week grading period, then the category for the assignment location. (Don’t choose midterm or yearly tasks.)

Creating Assignments

Note: For MS apply Assignment to 9 weeks grades.

Copy Assignments