Forethought is a customizable lesson planner where district curriculum is housed and easily accessed by all teachers. The Forethought Lesson Planner allows you to setup as many course schedules as you need.

Setting Up Lesson Planner

Change My Lesson Planner

Lesson Planner Basics

Attaching a Google Doc to My Planner

Team Planner vs. Share My Planner

Team Planners

Advantage: Plans can be keyed in ONE time and then each team member can upload them to their personal planner. If the team members want to make changes to the plan, they can do so AFTER it is uploaded into their personal planner so it only impacts their lesson plans.

Notes: Each team member must upload team plan to personal planner so that administration can see their plans. If all team members are deleted from a team, all team plans will be deleted.

Sharing My Planner

Advantage: Can allow you to share your plans with colleagues so if you are absent they can be given to the substitute. Sharing gives READ ONLY rights to your plans, so no one can make changes.

Notes: You must be active in your personal planner in order to share it with others.

Team Planner

Share My Planner