Substitute Hiring

The Morgan County Charter School System (MCCS) utilizes substitutes for a variety of positions, including, but not limited to, teachers, bus drivers, custodians, and School Nutrition staff.

How to Become a Substitute with MCCS?

1. Complete the applicable Substitute Employment Application

Other documentation may be required in accordance with the substitute position. If you are selected, Human Resources will contact you with more information about completing the Criminal Records and Fingerprint Check process.

2. Criminal Records and Fingerprint Check through the Morgan County Sherriff Office.

  • Report to the Morgan County Board of Education (BOE) located at 1065 East Avenue Madison, Georgia 30650. You are responsible for the cost for fingerprint processing. Bring with you a cashier’s check or money order payable to the Board of Education in the amount of $43.25. Please note: The charge of $43.25 will not be reimbursed.

  • Contact the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office at (706) 342-1507 to make an appointment and identify yourself as a new employee with the BOE. The sheriff’s office is located at 1380 Monticello Road in Madison, Georgia.

3. Substitute Teacher Training Class (online or in person): If you are a Certified Teacher or Licensed Georgia Paraprofessional, you will not be required to complete steps 3 & 4, however, the interview is still required.

An online training class can be completed by using this link: Morgan County Charter Schools Online Substitute Teacher Training.  If you prefer to complete the class in person, please read the instructions below. 

A training class conducted by Northeast Georgia RESA (NEGA RESA) is required.  Classes are conducted at the main office of NEGA RESA and at various offices of surrounding counties served by NEGA RESA.  Please visit the website of NEGA RESA or call (706) 742-8292 to determine the date and location of an available session.

4. Classroom Observation

Once the criminal records check and substitute training class has been completed, Human Resources will provide you with instructions for completing the Classroom Observation. 

5. Substitute Teacher Interview

Once the classroom observation is approved, you will be required to complete an interview with the Director of Human Resources. Please contact Central Office Receptionist at 706-752-4600 to schedule an appointment for the interview.

What is the rate of pay?

Substitute Teacher

Non-Certified - $85.00 per day

Certified - $100.00 per day

Long Term Pay an additional - $30.00 per day 

Total per day pay (Non-Certified: $115 & Certified: $130) 

* To be considered a long-term substitute (teacher or paraprofessional), you must be in the same position for 10 or more consecutive business days. Rate will be retroactive to 1st day in position.

* If working half day, you will be paid half of the full-time daily rate.

Classified Substitute Rate

Bus Drivers - $16.16/hour

Custodian - $10.99/hour

School Nutrition Assistant - $11.87/hour

How will I know what is required to complete my substitute file?

You will receive an email from the Human Resources Department within 24-48 hours of submitting your employment application. The email will include a list of application materials needed to complete your substitute file.

Once I have submitted all of my materials, what happens next?

You will receive an email to complete the following: