Dual Enrollment

I, Mrs. Murdock, am also the Dual Enrollment Coordinator. The Dual Enrollment Program is administered by the Georgia Student Finance Commission. Dual Enrollment is a college credit program that qualified students may participate in to gain both college credit and high school credit simultaneously.

Currently, our partnered institutions are Georgia Military College (GMC) for our English, Math, and English and Math cohort options. Students interested in completing these courses for the GMC senior-only cohort options can qualify by earning a passing score on the ACCUPLACER, the SAT, or the ACT, completing a GMC application for admission, completing their Student Agreement Form, completing their ACCEL online through, and providing any other information deemed necessary by the institution for completing their Dual Enrollment courses. Students are tested the year before they wish to begin their Dual Enrollment courses in order to qualify for the program.

Students interested in taking courses either online or at another institution's campus are welcome to do so beginning as early as their 9th grade year, but must seek out and qualify for that institution's Dual Enrollment program. For all Dual Enrollment courses, the respective post-secondary institution is responsible for providing all materials required for the course(s) a student enrolls to complete, but if anything issued to the student is lost or damaged, the student will be responsible for paying a fee. The tuition for the courses is covered when the student completes their ACCEL application for each semester they are enrolled in a course. The money utilized for Dual Enrollment courses does not have an impact on a student’s potential HOPE or Zell Miller funding.

Students enrolled in Dual Enrollment courses in lieu of high school courses will still be responsible for any corresponding assessments, if applicable, to meet graduation requirements. Students must keep the Dual Enrollment Coordinator at MCHS abreast of the courses they take and complete, withdraw from, and otherwise. If a student desires to enroll in courses at more than one postsecondary institution, the student may do so. Dual Enrollment students have full access to all facilities and resources at the postsecondary institution(s) of which they are enrolled.
For those students interested in becoming eligible in pursuing a post-secondary degree, diploma, or certificate while in high school, they must:
Complete all required courses listed on the GADOE High School Required Course List, the associated End of Course exams for each if applicable, along with the health and physical education requirement.
Enroll at an eligible participating postsecondary institution that will offer high school students an associate degree, technical diploma, or two certificates. Further information can be found on