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Role of an Advisory Committee Member

  • Advisory councils create partnerships between CTAE programs and businesses and industries in the communities they serve.
  • Advisory Council members provide support and advice to the CTAE programs in an effort to assist in producing graduates prepared to enter post‐secondary training and/or the workforce.
  • Provide the means to ensure that the curriculum is relevant to business and industry.

The Academies of Morgan County High School

The Academy of Arts and Humanities

bolsters an intensive and imaginative opportunity for students to experience and major in the pathways of World Language, Band, Chorus, Drama, and Art.

The Academy of Health and Human Services

is committed to the development of caring, responsive, and self-directed leaders. Pathways include Cosmetology, Culinary, Healthcare, ROTC, and Teaching as Profession.

The Academy of Media and Communication

offers a progressive look into the world of Business, Information Technology, Digital Media, Audio Video & Film, and Sports and Entertainment Marketing.

The Academy of Science and Industry,

you will examine the world of Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology, Engineering, Mechatronics and Industrial Sciences.

Morgan County High School
A Georgia College & Career Academy

Board of Directors-please click here

Members of our CTAE Team

Colby Anderson-Business and IT Kristie Hendley -Cosmetology
Kaitlyn Marchant- Ag ScienceRachel Kinsaul- Ag Science
Brian Johnson - Mechatronics/

Chris Rountree- Culinary
Emily Williams- Culinary

Kattie Harris - MarketingMSgt Barry Haines - ROTC
Derrick Dailey - ROTC
Stan Harrison- BiotechnologyJennifer Butler -CTAE Director
Marcus Crowe- HealthcareTom White -Audio/Video and Digital Media

Kaleigh Sidwell - Teaching as a Profession

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