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Advanced Placement

Morgan County High School has been recognized as one of America‘s Best High Schools by The Washington Post and Education Writer Jay Matthews. MCHS ranked 307 out of 1900 American High Schools that made the list and ranks sixteenth in the state of Georgia among 115 state high schools that scored highly enough to be on the list (2012).

(MCHS was included in the 2011 list at number 202, in the 2010 list at number 429, and in the 2009 list at number 556.)

115 high schools from the state of Georgia were included on the list (out of the 400+ in the state), and MCHS was the 16th Georgia school listed. MCHS‘s index is 3.280, meaning that for every graduate in the class of 2011, there were 3.280 advanced tests administered at the school. (The class of 2011 was the largest class to ever graduate at MCHS with 240 members.)