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MCHS Counselors

Welcome to our page. The school counselors at MCHS are available to help students with personal, social, academic, and family issues.

Counseling is a type of helping relationship in which the counselor and student communicate about feelings, attitudes, plans, and ultimately about decisions. The counselors are in a position to act as non-judgmental listeners and can offer alternatives and information so the student may more fully develop his/her self-understanding and capacity for self-direction. The counselors also refer to outside community agencies if the student’s needs cannot be met within the school structure.

Brian Cook handles the Class of 2021 and 2023. He can be contacted at

Erica Murdock handles the class of 2022 and 2024. She can be contacted at

Mrs. Gail Slaughter is our School Registrar. She can be contacted at for information on withdrawing and enrolling students, driver’s license information, and more.

Important Dates and Announcements

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New Student Registration

We're glad that your student will be enrolling with us. Please follow these steps in order to register your student for the high school.

1. Your first step in enrolling in our school is to complete the registration forms available at - look for "Student Registration" in the Quick Links section.

2. Next, please contact the Board of Education (706-752-4600) for an appointment to complete all requirements, provide the required documents, and submit verification for the family's address.

3. After visiting the Board of Education Central Office, parents/guardians and students will then visit the high school to meet with their school counselor. At that time, the student's class schedule will be created for the upcoming school year.

*Please remember to contact your child's current school to withdraw him/her prior to enrolling with us.

If you need additional information, please contact:

Lavonne Doty, Enrollment Coordinator - Morgan County Board of Education 706-752-4602

Gail Slaughter, Registrar - Morgan County High School - 706-752-4861

General Information

Schedule change requests are allowed within the first five days of each semester.

Check your HOPE GPA: 1. Log in to 2. Click the My GA Futures tab 3. Look under the picture on the left hand side for the "MY HOPE GPA" button. 4. If you do not know your account, please contact your counselor.

Free SAT Practice from Khan Academy

The College Board and the nonprofit Khan Academy have teamed up to provide free, personalized SAT study resources for all students. These practice tools include: thousands of practice questions, reviewed and approved by the College Board, four official SAT Practice Tests written by the College Board, and personalized recommendations for instruction and practice to help students fill their knowledge gaps. Visit

ASVAB Testing for Juniors and Seniors on Morgan County High School’s campus is tentatively scheduled to be given once each semester.

Continue to check the Scholarship Wall in the Counseling Department for current scholarships and programs available for grades 9 - 12.

Graduation Requirements

The total number of credits needed to satisfy your graduation requirements will vary based on the graduation year of your class.


4 credits

Must include 9th Literature/
Composition and
American Literature (11th)


4 credits

Must include Algebra,
Advanced Algebra,
and one higher level math course


4 credits

Must include:


-Physical Science or Physics

-Chemistry, Earth, or Environmental

-One additional science course

Social Studies

4 credits

-World History


-United States History


Career, Technical,
& Agricultural


Fine Arts


World Languages

3 credits

Students must earn at least
three credits, in any combination,
from these three curriculum areas.
Students are encouraged to
complete a Pathway(s) by
selecting courses in a focused
area of interest.

Students planning to attend

a 4 year college/university immediately after high school
must earn a minimum of two
credits in a world language.

Health and
Physical Education

1 credit


of 7

Electives can be taken in any
curriculum area.
Students are able and encouraged to
complete multiple Pathways.


27 credits

Transcript Requests

Students can request that their transcript be sent to their college/university of choice (as well as the NCAA) by emailing Gail Slaughter or completing the Transcript Request Form located in the Counselors' Office.

Selective Service System (SSS) Registration

Males are required to register with SSS within 30 days of their 18th birthday. If a young man reaches age 26 without registering, he can be permanently barred from ever receiving federal student loans, placement in a federal job training program, eligibility for a job with the federal government, a driver’s license or license renewal in most states. In addition, male immigrants who wish to become citizens can face significant delays if they fail to register by age 26. Register Today:

March 2 Success

Offers parents and mentors a program their children can use free of charge to help them meet their educational goals. Whether your student is preparing for college, military, or entering the civilian workforce, test scores can play an important role in their future.