Morgan County Schools strive to provide teachers with information that best assists them as they plan engaging experiences for their students. Toward that goal, students in grades K-10 will take a local computerized assessment called the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) three times this year – fall, winter and spring. MAP will provide adults and students the student’s instructional level in the areas of reading, language arts and math. Of equal importance, MAP measures each child’s growth throughout the school year and from year to year in reading, math and language arts. The test is unique because it adapts as the student is taking the test, offering harder questions when the student is doing well and easier questions when the student is struggling so that the child’s “true” instructional level is obtained.

Following each test, a report will be sent home to families detailing the student’s strengths and areas for growth. Teachers and parents can use these results to assist the student in reaching his/her optimal growth. The first report will be given to you during your fall conference.

In short MAP:

  • Generates test questions based on student responses.
  • Gives immediate results.
  • Aligns to Georgia curriculum standards.
  • Measures growth over time.
  • Provides information used to target individual instruction.

We Believe:

If students do their best when taking MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) computerized assessments, then teachers will use the results.

And if teachers give each student “just right” learning experiences, then students will be more motivated to achieve.

And if students want to come to school to learn things that matter, then families will do whatever it takes to get them there.

And if families and schools each do their part, then students will leave Morgan County Schools ready for their next step in college or career.

If you have questions, please contact the school principal or Susan Tolbert, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning at 706-752-4623.

The Case for Growth