Personnel Planning

In order to proactively streamline the personnel planning for next year, this site was designed to be your one stop location for resources and information about the process.

Timeline for Administrators


12th- Superintendent emails Administrators the staff in jeopardy of non-renewal or rehire process.

30th- Superintendent emails Administrators & Employees the letter of intent process.


10th- Deadline for Administrators to submit list of staff members needing additional support or in jeopardy of non-renewal or rehire to Human Resources.

**Reports Updated Recruitment & Selection Guide to the BOE


18th- Deadline for Administrators to submit copies of letter of intent forms to Human Resources.

20th- Deadline for Administrators to submit "making progress/not making progress" on PLPs for staff certification renewal.

**Reports 2019-2020 Employee Handbooks to the BOE


20th- Administrators submits Administrative Appointments; Returning Certified Staff; Staff Non-renewal to Human Resources.

28th- Deadline for Administrators to notify certificated non-renewals in writing.

**Reports end of year retirements and resignations to the BOE


15th- Human Resources sends teacher contracts.

29th- Deadline for Teachers to return signed contracts.

**Reports recommendations for administrative appointments, returning staff to the BOE


1st- Classified Annual evaluations due to Human Resources.

15th- Certified Annual Evaluations completed in TKES/LKES.

Recruitment and Selection

In order to form open, honest and competitive searches to find and hire the best qualified candidate for each position, we have developed a Recruitment and Selection Guide. This guide collects in one place the information needed in order to fill a vacancy.

Diversity Initiatives

Upcoming Career Fairs