Employee Benefits

Welcome to Morgan County Charter School System (MCCSS) Benefits website!

As a benefits-eligible employee, your total compensation is more than just the dollars you receive in

your paycheck. Your benefits are an important part of your total compensation, so we invite you to familiarize yourself with details of these plans and encourage you to seek clarification when necessary.

Below is an overview of your benefits as an active employee. For more information on benefit plans, please visit our online employee benefits website:

Benefits Overview

Benefits Eligibility

Employee: All full-time employees working at least 20 or more hours per week are eligible to participate in the benefit plans.

Dependents: Your legal spouse; dependent child(ren) under the age of 26; and your dependent child(ren) certified as medically disabled prior to their 26th birthday.

Note: You will be required to show documentation of your relationship to a dependent. Examples include a marriage certificate, birth certificate, adoption certificate and income tax returns.

Enrolling in Coverage

Benefits Enrollment

You can enroll within 31 days of your employment or your benefits eligibility date. After that, you can enroll or make changes to your coverage:

  • During the annual Open Enrollment period (held in the fall)
  • When you experience a qualified change in family status

To enroll, access ADP portal at and enter user name and password. For first-time users, see instructions for HOW TO ENROLL.

Retirement Enrollment

MCCSS participates in Social Security, Georgia Teachers Retirement System; and Public School Employees Retirement System of Georgia. You will be automatically enrolled in these plans.

Qualifying Events

MCCSS allows members to pay premiums on a pre-tax basis by adhering to IRS section 125. Under this program, the IRS has established strict rules regarding the changes you may make to your plans. The choices made during the open enrollment period must remain in effect for the entire plan year (January 1- December 31). Exceptions are permitted under IRS rules when a member has a qualifying event such as a birth or marriage.

When Coverage Begins

Your benefits coverage becomes effective the first month following one full calendar month of employment, unless the hire date is concurrent with the first of the month. If the hire date concurrent with the first of the month, then coverage is effective the first month following the hire date.

How to Enroll / First time registration

Complete the registration process on/after the first day of employment.

How to enroll in State Health Benefit?

For first time users, visit

    1. Click on “Register Here”
    2. Enter SHBP-GA as the registration code. It can be all caps or all lower case.
    3. Enter all requested information on steps 2-7. You will receive an activation code by your choice of method(s) of communication. Enter this code on the screen as instructed.
    4. Click on the login button on the bottom left of the page.
    5. You are now at the login screen. Use the new username and password that you created.
    6. You can view your coverage, information, update information, add/delete dependents, etc.

Note: Take this opportunity to explore this site. This is where you will complete open enrollment options. You have 20 days from your hire date to complete the registration and choose your health insurance coverage that will be in place until December 31st.


If you are transferring from another school system in Georgia and currently have health benefits, your benefits will transfer to MCCSS. You will want to login to the enrollment portal to confirm that the transfer has been made.

How to enroll in Supplemental Benefits?

    1. For first time users, visit
    2. Click on Campus Connect. Follow the instructions in portal.


If you are transferring from another school system in Georgia and currently have supplemental benefits, you would need to re-enroll.

Your Benefits Offerings

Every employee receives $10,000 life insurance coverage through One America; and 40% long-term disability insurance at no cost to you.

Department of Community Health

When it comes to keeping you and your family healthy, we have you covered with several options:

    • State Health Benefit Plan – Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Pharmacy Benefits – Express Scripts
    • Wellness Program – Healthways, Inc.

Supplemental Benefits

    • Dental Insurance – MetLife
    • Vision Insurance – MetLife
    • Critical Illness Insurance – Trustmark
    • Basic Life and AD&D- OneAmerica
    • Voluntary Term Life- OneAmerica
    • Permanent Life- CHUBB
    • Short and Long Term Disability Insurance – Mutual of Omaha
    • Accident- Metlife
    • Medicare Complete
    • Legal Plan
    • Flexible Spending Account (Health Care and Dependent Care) – CAS
    • Retirement Investment (403b and 457b) – VALIC

    Sick Leave

Each employee earns 1 ¼ days of sick leave per month (12 ½ days per year for 10 month employees; 13 ¾ days per year for 11 month employees and 15 days per year for 12 month employees). You can use 3 days of your accrued sick leave per year for personal leave. You can continue to accumulate leave up to a maximum of 75 days. Any leave over the maximum will not be lost it will be a credit towards your retirement. If you use more than your accumulated leave the days will be deducted from your pay.