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2020 Boys Cross Country Roster 2020 Girls Cross Country Roster
Head Coach: Brian Johnson Head Coach: Erin Spinks
Brandon Lange 10 Rylee Bernard 9th
Alex Ludlow 10 Cailyn Berisko 10th
Elijah Cook 10 Drew Biersmith 10th
Quintavious Proby 12 Addison Boyer 9th
Jerimiah Robinson 11 Annie Breedlove 12th
Jack Greenfield 10 Maya-Faith Moss-Brown 9th
Jonathan Jones 11 Daisy-Jane Buck 12th
Nathan Tanner 12 EllaRyan Cottrell 10th
Tyson Fredrick 10 Kelsea Craft 9th
Clinton Payne Brenna Garrett 9th
Tre' Mapp 12 Mary-Patrick Greenfield 9th
Tristan Kline 10 Addie Harper 9th
Luis Perez Tenorio 12
William Furr 10 Morgan McCormack 10th
John Kirby Murdoch 11 Kaily Mitchell 10th
Trey Reid 10 Elle Moss 10th
Christopher Morgan 9 Campbell Stamps 9th
Carolyn Strickland 11th
Havily Weaver 9th

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Working hard and watching the sunrise! Early morning Cross Country Workouts