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A Message From Dr. Edwards

MCHS families,

The news of us not being together in our school for the rest of year feels so big right now. It creates so many emotions, especially for our seniors. It also creates a lot of questions and anxiety about the "unknowns".

We know that social separation is what we need to do to keep our students, faculty, families, and community safe.

Here's what else we want for you to KNOW:

- See that group of Superheroes? That's a faculty and staff who love and miss our students. That's the same group of people who are going to continue to work "differently" for the remainder of the school year for our students.

- We have always been blessed to have a supportive community. We know that they will come together to support and celebrate our students.

- GRADUATION WILL HAPPEN. Dr. Woodard and I have already been sharing ideas and possibilities. It is important to us - and every single caped crusader in that picture - that our seniors have the recognition that they have earned.

- It's April 1st. That means that we have time to work and plan for the end of the year traditions that will make memories for our students. And we'll be doing just that over the next few days and weeks.

- We're in this together. With you and for you.

One Morgan.

If you have questions or concerns, email us or call the school. Your teachers, counselors, administrators, and support staff are all here for you!

Dr. Edwards

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